Flower Care

There are a few tips on how to care for flowers so that you can enjoy it just a little bit longer.

  • Always use a clean vase.
    Use clean vase
  • Add the contents of flower food sachet into the vase.
    Add Chrysal sachet
  • Add the right amount of cold tap water.
    Add enough tap water
  • Remove all the lower leaves so that there are none in the water. Do not remove thorns.
    Remove lower leaves
  • Cut 2 to 5 cm off the stems.
    Cut 2-5cm off the stems
  • Put the flowers in the vase.
    Put flowers in vase
  • Refill the vase wih water (and liquid) flower food if necessary.
    Refill water and Chrysal
  • Keep the flowers away from draughts.
    Keep away from draughts
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
    Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Also keep away from ripening fruits.
    Keep away from ripening fruits
  • Immediately remove wilted flowers.
    Immediately remove wilted flowers

Enjoy your bouquet!